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Hi Everyone, since the above picture i have been working hard on a Prototype for it, and in the early hours of the morning on 20/08/15, i posted a Video of it on our Dedicated Youtube TV Channel. As you can see it is also on my Homepage & Prototype Video's Page.  It is with great pride that I show you this World 1st Exclusive.  Please enjoy this Video and Share it and comment on it.  We Value your Future Custom and Feedback.

Below is a list of some of the features, others will be added during Development.  For your convenience i have also added a link to Youtube on this page.  The Video is a bit rough round the edges due to adjustments, & Uploaded to avoid delay :-)


(based on Multimedia MP3/MP4 Sensored Footwear)

                                                                                                                                                                        FEATURES OF MULTIMEDIA MP3/MP4 SENSORED FOOTWEAR

Being Developed, but not limited to, as there will be other Features we are developing also, which remain Secret for now!

.  Multimedia and all that encompasses

.  Video and Audio

.  Video & Audio Streaming

.  Full Internet Access


.  Bluetooth

.  GPS

.  Transfer of Data Via USB and other Ports

.  Data Expansion and Storage

.  Emails

.  Texting

.  Games

.  Animation

.  Music

.  Movies, watch a Film put your feet up and enjoy.

.  Phone calls, make and receive, including Skype.

.  Skype

.  Video Clips

.  Music Video, watch and Dance.

.  Radio

.  Photo's, Personalise your Footwear.

.  Interactivity

.  Sensors in the Sole which work on Footfall, when user runs or jogs the music plays and all other functions On.

.  Manually control Footwear overriding Sensors if user is at rest and wants music  or other Functions to continue.

.  Voice Activated

.  Voice Recording

.  Karaoke, sing along.


.  Sync. Feature, allows users of our Footwear to Sync. their music and listen to same songs at same time.

.  Embedded Technology

                                                                                                                                                                      FOOTWEAR CONTROLLED BY

.  App's

.  R/C

.  Wristband

.  Bluetooth Earphones

.  Earpiece

.  Smart Phone

.  Watch

.  Tablet and other devices to be developed.

.  Manually on Footwear itself.

                                                                                                                                                                         SCREENS TO BE DEVELOPED

.  Lcd

.  Led

.  Oled

.  Touchscreen

.  Curved

.  Flexible

.  Super thin Screens & Latest Tech Advances, and more.

.  Screen in Upper of Footwear which can be used for all Multimedia functions, packed with features, which has a menu for user to choose what function they would like, and also includes Music and lots of other Features.


.  USB both Micro and Standard

.  Sd Card Slots both Micro and Standard

.  HDMI and others to be developed.

                                                                                                                                                                         SENSORS IN SOLE

Sensing means, with at least one sensor to Multiple Sensors can be mounted externally or incorporated (built in) in the lowermost Sole, of the ground engaging body, both at the toe and heel end of the footwear. (forwardly and rearwardly). Activation of Sensors from weightbearing (footfall repetition rate) at front and rear end of footwear, such as running and jogging = activation of sensors to 'on', which allows user to use footwear packed with Multimedia functions, including, listen (audio) and watch (video), and when user stops running or jogging, and is just standing or sitting, and is at rest = activation of sensors to ' off', however, override manual controls also that allow user to use any of the packed Multimedia functions, including, listen (audio), or view footwear screen (Video), even at rest.



.  You won't have to carry and hold onto a cumbersome Music Player whilst you run, walk, or jog, which is annoying and can easily be dropped on the ground and damaged.

.  You wont run the risk your MP3 or MP4 Player being stolen as you don't need to carry it.

.  You will have handsfree enjoyment of uninterrupted Music of your choice whilst you run or jog or even walk, which makes your leisure time much more relaxing.

.  You wont have to replace your MP3/MP4 Player, as you have everything you need in your Footwear.

.  You don't have to spend lots of money on a new MP3 or MP4 Player saving you money.

.  You can start to enjoy Running, and Jogging and even going for a Walk or Dancing again, our Products will bring the Fun back into your Run.

.  By using our Products you could improve your overall Fitness levels which may improve your overall wellbeing.

.  By increasing the time your exercise daily/weekly, you may lose some weight, though this could vary from person to person.

.  Watch a Video, Movie, make a Phone call, browse the Internet, and so much more.

.  We will hide a secret feature in each of our future Products, and you will only find out what that feature is when you receive your Innovative Footwear.  We will put the Fun back into Footwear!