We are an AWARD WINNING Truly Unique Start Up Business that requires Investment from Angels or Venture Capitalists, so that we can bring to Market our Revolutionary Innovative Wearable Prototypes in all types of Footwear, based on our UK Patented & Patent Pending Multimedia MP3/MP4 Sensored Footwear (including M.A.T.T.).

We are looking for Potential Partners who can join our Awesome Team so we have Expertise in different areas, including Manufacturing and Bringing Products to Market and all that entails with a strong Network of Support and Contacts.

Take a look round our Website.  There are more World 1st Exclusive Prototypes coming in 2019!  We will show the Videos on this Website and previous one's on our Dedicated Youtube Channel and of course the Prototype Video Page on this website.  Exciting stuff ahead!

We will bring our Future Products to Market for the General Public & also make Specific Future Research & Development Prototypes which are on our FUTURE R & D PROTOTYPES PAGE, and are summarised below, which we hope will help people with some specific Neurological Illnesses & Special Needs.  These are very important to us.  This is just the beginning many more exciting things are planned, watch this Space! :-)

                                                                                                                                                                                 ABOUT ME

I am an Inventor & Entrepreneur of this AWARD WINNING Business, both of which i love doing.  I filed my very first Patent Application for my Invention of Multimedia MP3/MP4 Sensored Footwear for all types of Footwear.  I have Grant of Patent in the UK and Patent Pending, for this Innovative and Revolutionary Footwear which covers many many features packed into this amazing Invention, some Features which are listed on the MULTIMEDIA PAGE.  There is also our World 1st ever Exclusive Video and Prototype, to see on our PROTOTYPE VIDEO'S PAGE, which is the 2nd Video down.

I also Invented M.A.T.T. MUSIC AVATAR TALKING TRAINERS, which is based on my UK Patented and Patent Pending Multimedia MP3/MP4 Sensored Footwear, Latest News on M.A.T.T. is i will be Uploading an Early World 1st Prototype of him in 2019!  Glimpse the Future with M.A.T.T.

The Video's I have Uploaded are of my Inventions in their Early stages & by the time that we bring them to Market they will be Perfection.

                                                                                                                                                                                WORLD 1ST UPLOAD OF OUR 1ST EVER PROTOTYPE

On 20th August, 2015, i Uploaded a Video of our 1st ever, World 1st Prototype, our UK Patented and Patent Pending MULTIMEDIA MP3/MP4 SENSORED FOOTWEAR PROTOTYPE, on our Dedicated Youtube Channel and on this Website, the Video is longer than the average Video, and is very rough round the edges, but it has a charm about it that i love.  As you can see from the Video I had to make adjustments! I could have posted the perfect video, but i love the rawness of the Prototype and chose to Upload it as is, so everyone can see how it was born and where it started, for historical reasons.  It is only the beginning, the finished product when ready for Market will be Perfection.  I am so proud of it. I am also working on my other Prototypes, Coming Soon in 2019 and have made plans for further Prototypes beyond 2019!

In the Future we will be making Multiple Products to bring to Market, based on our UK Patented and Patent Pending Mulitmedia MP3/MP4 Sensored Footwear, their release for Pre Order to the public will be at a date to be announced.  We will sell them on this Website and in other reputable outlets for your convenience

                                                                                                                                                                            ANOTHER WORLD 1ST UPLOAD OF OUR 2ND PROTOTYPE

On 10/09/15, I Uploaded a 2nd Video of our 2nd Prototype, our Music Only Footwear.  It is less than a minute long but an extended version video will be Uploaded at a later date.  This is based on our UK Patented and Patent Pending Multimedia MP3/MP4 Sensored Footwear.

                                                                                                                                                                         POTENTIAL INVESTORS

We require Angels Investors or Venture Capitalists to Invest in our AWARD WINNING Start Up Business.  We are looking for a good match, where you can tick all our boxes as above, and we can tick yours.  We have a very exciting Innovative Business that will generously financially reward your faith in us with a High Return on your Investment.  For Confidentiality, Contact me via Email

                                                                                                                                                                         POTENTIAL PARTNERS

We are looking for Potential Partners to help make our Innovative, Ground Breaking Footwear, and help us bring them and our other Products to market.  We want someone who ticks all the boxes for us and has the Experience, Expertise, Network & Contacts we require to meet our high standards and help us build our Brand.  We will only work with Partners who produce Quality Products.

                                                                                                                                                                                  BRIEF SUMMARY OF OUR FUTURE PRODUCTS - FOR MORE DETAILS SEE OUR FUTURE PRODUCTS PAGE

                                                                                                                                                                      MULTIMEDIA MP3/MP4 SENSORED FOOTWEAR

We are very Excited to be developing our Multimedia Footwear with details on our Multimedia Page.  We have made a World 1st Exclusive Video of our 1st Prototype which can be viewed on our Prototype Videos Page, it is the 2nd Video down, and which we Uploaded on our Dedicated Youtube Channel.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         MUSIC ONLY FOOTWEAR

We are also Developing a Music Only Footwear based on our Multimedia MP3/MP4 Sensored Footwear.

Another World 1st Video of our 2nd Prototype for Music Only Footwear can be seen called Part 2, on our Prototype Video's Page. It is the 1st Video at the Top.

                                                                                                                                                                               M.A.T.T. - MUSIC AVATAR TALKING TRAINERS

One of the Earlier Products we are Developing and will be bringing to market, is based on our Multimedia MP3/MP4 Sensored Footwear, called M.A.T.T. MUSIC AVATAR TALKING TRAINERS.  An Early M.A.T.T. Prototype will be Uploaded in 2019! Can't wait!

Look out for these important announcements on this Website and also on my Twitter Page and dedicated M.A.T.T. Facebook page details of which are on the links below and also via our Youtube Channel all in the Links Page.



For a list of some of our Future Products we are Developing to bring to Market, see our FUTURE PRODUCTS PAGE.

Initially we will Specialise in Quality Revolutionary Wearables Footwear, and at a later date we will also be branching out by making other Quality Innovative Inventions alongside our Wearable Products, which we will also sell on this Website and will be made available at other outlets for purchase, on a date to be announced.  Wearable Technology is just the beginning.

We will also be developing our Inventions in other areas.  We will keep you posted.

                                                                                                                                                                                   FUTURE R & D PROTOTYPES




You will be able to buy our Future Products when they are available for Pre Order on this Website which already has in place a Shopping Facility where you can use our Express Checkout and pay by Paypal and Credit or Debit Cards.

Also in other places to be announced at a later date for your convenience.