We want to Research & Develop the Prototypes below in small trials to begin with, and bring them to Market, but to do this we may have to rely on donations until we get the funding we need, if we get enough funding we can develop them without donations, which we would prefer to do.  We will let you know how you can help in more detail on a date to be announced.  We feel passionately about helping people with Neurological Illnesses & Special Needs.



Alzheimers - With our Prototype, specifically tailored for people who have this illness, we hope to be able to help people who suffer from this life affecting illness to lead as full and independant lives as possible for as long as they can.  In doing this we hope this can be of comfort to their families who are also affected by this devastating illness.

We would like to make Prototypes that we believe may be able to help those with this condition at the earlier stages, and through the different stages, even at the most advanced stages, once the Prototypes are made, we would develop them and as part of our Development process, during Development, we would then approach organisations regarding this illness to get the latest valuable information on this condition, to perfect our Prototypes, and to get their endorsement, and get their expert feedback, and support, and find some willing volunteers to test our prototypes, and for them to log their results daily and also with their dementia friend's or family members to give their views on how it is working and if it is helping, (more details about this on a date to be announced), and for them to comment on what they like and don't like, and by saying what could be done to make them even better, by doing this we can make more advanced prototypes specifically tailored to an individuals need, to help as many people as possible, the details of these prototypes will be published once small trials have concluded, with a view to expansion to larger trials.  If we get enough funding we can expand our trials to help as many people as possible and their family's.  We would then bring our Product to market and more Products would follow.

We could really make a difference to people's lives with your help, the sooner we get the funding we need, if you could spread the word via social media and through groups, we would be so grateful for your support and that of your circle of friends and contacts.  Details to be announced at future date.

                                                                                                                                                                          Depression - We want to bring people out of the Dark and back into the Light.  We want to try and help people who suffer from this dark illness, by providing a Prototype that might help people to live their lives feeling happier even for a short while, or as long as they possibly can, we will try to help people recover from Depression or cope with it, although ambitious, we believe it is possible, and in doing so, to try and improve their Psychological and Emotional and Physical Health and overall Wellbeing.  We cannot go into anymore details as the specifics of this Prototype are tba.

                                                                                                                                                                               Obesity - For anyone who wants to lose some weight for any number of reasons, including for health reasons, or to just increase your overall health and physical fitness, or just to lead a healthier lifestyle, which could improve your overall wellbeing.  For those of you who have grown bored with exercise and want to try something new, a Product that will Motivate you to exercise, our Prototype will help you to enjoy Walking, Dancing, Running & Jogging again, our Prototype could help you by making these things Fun. There are a multitude of reasons that you may want to lose weight, including wanting to return to your former fitness after recovering from an operation.  Our Product could speed up your recovery.  Whatever your reason, we believe our Prototype will be able to help you do this.  We cannot go into anymore details as the specifics of this Prototype are tba.

                                                                                                                                                                                Special Needs - This is the most recent addition to our list of Future R & D Prototypes, we will keep you updated on this, but it will be developed to help those with Special Needs.