Help feed the Hungry & Homeless in the UK

There are good causes which we feel very strongly about, and as this Company grows we want to Help feed the hungry and help the Homeless in the UK, and hand them what could be lifesaving supplies too.  At a later date our ambition for this Project is to provide temporary accomodation so no one has to sleep rough and so no one has to be starving, and freezing and alone on our streets.  We will undertake this Project at a later date to be announced.

Help Missing people & their Families

We also want to help, find, and where possible, reunite missing people with their families, and also to pass messages from missing people onto their family and friends when they are not ready to return home, so their families and friends at least know they are safe and have peace of mindThis is also another project we feel passionately about and we will undertake at a later date to be announced.