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M.A.T.T. is the one of the 1st Products in our range we are Developing, based on the MULTIMEDIA MP3/MP4 SENSORED FOOTWEAR.  M.A.T.T. was named M.A.T.T. due to what he does, plays Music and Talks to you, Interacts with you and Learns with Expandable Memory, and M.A.T.T. has a talking Avatar, amongst his many other Features.  The amazing news is you will be able to add and collect Avatars, each with their own Character and Appearance, you will get the 1st Avatar free, and then when you Subscribe you will be able to add to your collection, this is incredibly exciting, you will Love M.A.T.T. like we do.

                                                                                                                                                                        SOME OF M.A.T.T.'s FEATURES - (Not limited to, more will be developed and added.)


He plays Music, with some tracks will be built in ready to hear, hope you like them. For extra Music to suit the user's taste Music can be added, via a Usb Port/s in the Sole (& also Upper) of the Footwear, as M.A.T.T. has expandable memory capability.

He has speaker/s on the Footwear which will give out a nice clear sound for the User. I am a perfectionist i will make sure the sound is great.

The lucky owners of M.A.T.T. will have built into the Sole of the Footwear, Sensors which will be Weight Footfall Activated, for example if the user is Running or Jogging, this will activate the music to turn ON in M.A.T.T. and the user will be able to enjoy jogging and running whilst listening to their favourite music.

When the user stops Running or Jogging the music stops, because of the built in Sensors in the Sole which switch the Music to an OFF Position, this can be overriden by using manual controls on the Footwear or by another remote device such as a Wristband, Earpiece or infrared r/c & other devices.

The User may wish to talk to someone or just rest.  The User may decide he/she would like to continue to listen to the Music, whilst at rest, and can do this by overriding the sensors manually on the Footwear itself, to put M.A.T.T. back into play mode in the ON Position.


The user will also be able to listen to the Radio.  There are other features we will consider during Development.  As M.A.T.T. is developed we will bring out Multiple Prototypes of M.A.T.T.  We Value your Feedback on this.



Not only does M.A.T.T. play great music, M.A.T.T. will be able to speak to you and with you Interactively back and forth, and to other owners of M.A.T.T., and as the Prototype is developed, (also other users too), this extra feature will be developed with Prototype 1 of M.A.T.T. & many others to follow.

                                                                                                                                                                   AVATARS & TALKING AVATAR'S

M.A.T.T. will have his own Talking Avatar, per one per pair of M.A.T.T.'S.  The single Talking Avatar will come at no extra charge and will be built into M.A.T.T. ready to use.  At a date to be announced more Avatars will be available to purchase from our Website.  The Avatar will speak directly to the User, and each Avatar will have its own individual personality and Appearance.  To build up a fantastic collection of Avatars you will be able to Subscribe to our future service to do this, and Purchase New Avatars from this Website in the Future on a date to be announced.

We will develop the Avatars to talk to each other and the User/s, and other owners of M.A.T.T.  This option would be for the individual User or friends etc...  i will develop the Prototypes further to make sure this can be done asap.

M.A.T.T. is Revolutionary for Footwear and so it will be great fun seeing what i can do with this Product so you all love M.A.T.T. even more.

The Talking part of M.A.T.T. is yet another feature that makes him unique.  As with the Music, the Talking will be clear also, i will make sure of this.  Being a perfectionist as i am will be very advantageous as it is in this case.

The Talking part of M.A.T.T. as with the Music can be controlled manually on the Footwear but also can be controlled remotely via Wristband or Earpiece, or infra-Red Remote Control and through other Devices.  As mentioned before also, we will develop an APP to control M.A.T.T. via these methods, and also, smart watches, smart phones, tablets. etc..

There are other features that may be used also, it is exciting beyond belief to tread into unchartered waters, but we do so with great passion and vigour and in sheer wonder, knowing that all our hard work with result in something quite unique and amazing.  Have lots of fun with M.A.T.T. we will.


M.A.T.T. will of course be able to talk Interactively to the User/s, and also to other M.A.T.T.'s, and as we Develop M.A.T.T. we will increase his Vocabulary, Memory Expansion and Capabilities.

                                                                                                                                                                       EXTRA TECH & DOUBLE TECH

We will also developing extra Tech & even Double Tech, as in Tech on both left and right Footwear (M.A.T.T.), so both left and right can even talk to each other as well as the User.  This will be tested during our development process.

                                                                                                                                                             BLUETOOTH, TALKING BETWEEN FOOTWEAR, & SYNC.

M.A.T.T. will have Bluetooth, and both left and right footwear will be able to Talk to each other, and also to anyone for example who is a friend with the same footwear, their M.A.T.T.'s can talk to someone else's M.A.T.T. Footwear and if for example one person had the song 'walking on sunshine' playing, the other person can Synchronise their M.A.T.T.'S to play the same music at the same time.  Making them even more fun.  On the Screen/s menu on the toe end of the Upper, there would be a sync mode.  Someone wearing M.A.T.T., their Footwear can talk to someone else's M.A.T.T. Footwear and so on.

                                                                                                                                                                 SCREEN/S & GENERAL FEATURES

The user will have a screen/s as shown in example of the Picture above on the Upper of the Footwear, with a Menu, and can scroll through options manually on the Footwear or use a remote method as above, such as Wristband, Earpiece, Infra-red Remote Control & other devices.

                                                                                                                                                                           APP DEVELOPMENT

An App will be developed and made available at a date to be announced to control M.A.T.T. from a Wristband, Earpiece, Infra Red R/C, Smart Phone and Smart Watch, and Tablet, & other Devices.



We will put a hidden feature in M.A.T.T. which we will not announce, and which will be Secret, only when our Customers receive their M.A.T.T. will they find out what that extra hidden feature is.


Links to Social Media, note M.A.T.T. Page on Twitter will be used daily once the Prototype is Uploaded.

                                                                                                                                                                        NEWS ABOUT M.A.T.T. MUSIC AVATAR TALKING TRAINERS

*A Prototype of M.A.T.T. is being developed, and will be Uploaded at a later date at a later than estimated date during 2019 as his development has taken longer than i anticipated, due to further exciting developments.  He is based on our UK Patented & Patent Pending Abroad Multimedia MP3/MP4 Sensored Footwear.  My apologies for the delay but he is worth the wait, i have further news on M.A.T.T. once the Upload has happened, very exciting stuff! Thank you for your patience so far.

We will Upload this on this Website, & on our Prototype Video's Page.  See our Latest News Page about this.  We will also provide a link to our Prototype Video on our Dedicated M.A.T.T. Page on Twitter and on our Dedicated M.A.T.T. Page on Facebook, and of course on my Twitter Page. (These are all in the Links Page on this Website). Look out for M.A.T.T. in 2019!

Regarding other features, these will be looked at during the Development phase whilst the M.A.T.T. Prototype is being Developed.  There is so much more to come.