31/10/14 - We have just gone LIVE! on Indiegogo, we are all so excited, now we need to spread the word.

01/11/14 - Really flattered by people's reaction to M.A.T.T. and our other products, thank you so much for liking us.

02/11/14 - Hoping we will get some contributions, sooner than later would be preferred!  Many thanks.

03/11/14 - We have just joined the Crowdfunding Centre and our Campaign is now shown on their website also.  Now to promote it.

04/11/14 - Can't believe it our phone line is faulty, and no Internet!!!!!!!!!!! noooooooooooooooooooo.  Going out to get replacement cables etc in case problem with faulty cables.

05/11/14 - Have been unable to do any work on our Campaign, no promotion, what a nightmare of all the times for this to happen!

06/11/14 - Yey! Phone line now working! What a relief, can get back to working on promoting our Indiegogo Campaign, lots to do, have to sign off for now.

07/11/14 - Playing catch up today!

08/11/14 - Hoping we would have had some contributions by now, come on everyone, we need your support to make M.A.T.T. and our other products, i need to get a Prototype of M.A.T.T. made this month to show you working on video, for that to happen we need your contributions!  Even a small amount will help, and if you can't, help spread the word!  Many thanks.

09/11/14 - We realise that not having a Video at present to show M.A.T.T. working is affecting our Campaign.  As soon as our Campaign gets contributions, once we have enough we can fix that, and show all of you M.A.T.T. working, and we also realise looking at other people's campaigns that we need press coverage also, this will be rectified.  We also realise that as this is the Christmas period that may also be affecting things.  We hope that regardless of these things you will have faith in us and start contributing, and we will repay your faith by making M.A.T.T. for you all.  Even a small amount will help, it all adds up, we really need you guys.

10/11/14 - We need Press coverage, so whilst we contact as many of them as we can, any Press please get in contact with me and write about us as we really need your help too.

11/11/14 - We just want to thank all of you who have liked us on our M.A.T.T. Facebook page and in general, and also on Twitter, and a big thank you to everyone who have followed us so far, and made some lovely comments.  We thank you so much for your support it is essential to us.  Many thanks everyone.  If you could keep spreading the word, we need everyone talking about M.A.T.T.  We urgently need contributions so we can make M.A.T.T.'s Prototype, we are almost half way through November, we can still do this, come on everyone, if you contribute quick enough i can still get this prototype made for you and on video for you to see working before Christmas!

12/11/14 - Our campaign is family orientated, we collectively have bags of talent, and if you all support us by making contributions we will make sure your footwear is never ever boring again.

13/11/14 - Urgently appealing for Contributions and Donations, please start to Contribute and Donate so the sooner we have enough funds the quicker we can make M.A.T.T. for those of you who have Pre ordered him.

14/11/14 - Looking at tactics to Promote our Campaign and how best we can reach the most people, come to conclusion Press is the best way, as we don't have funding as yet for the M.A.T.T. Prototype and therefore we can't as yet show it working on Video.  Will be appealing for Press coverage.

15/11/14 - Appealing for Press Coverage to as many press as possible, asking for them to write about our Indiegogo Campaign and M.A.T.T.  Ongoing process, we are looking to ask as many as possible if we miss any out let us know. We have also appealed for Feedback on our Indiegogo Campaign.

16/11/14 - We really need Facebook to help us, we have a dedicated Facebook M.A.T.T. Page, the link to him is on the Home Page, or you can click on him right here!

Please like us and share him with your friends, as many as you can.  We would very much appreciate this.

We also need Twitter followers to keep up their support by spreading the word about us, retweeting us, favouriting us, talking about our Campaign and M.A.T.T. and of course the more followers i can get the better, the more people will know about us and M.A.T.T.  Thank you Facebook and Twitter followers for all your support so far.  Keep it up.  We need your help.  You can go straight to my Twitter page on this link right here!

17/11/14 - New Perk to be announced imminently, hope it will be an Indiegogo record breaker!

17/11/14 - 2 New Perks, my Personalised Number Plate S5 EXE, and my daughter's also S 26 EXY, all proceeds will go to making M.A.T.T. Prototype and other costs.  We hope this shows how committed we are to making M.A.T.T.  Please remember to Contribute and Donate if you can.  Many thanks.  Both number plates are on the Special Offer Page on this Website and also as Perks on our Indiegogo Campaign.

Don't forget we are also on and their link is also on the home page.  Or you can click on the link right here!

17/11/14 - Important Announcement, our Indiegogo Campaign has been extended from 40 to 60 days effective immediately, this gives us till end of December to raise vital funds to make M.A.T.T. Prototype and show him on Video to you all working.  We also realised we need the extra time for vital press coverage, and so you all know in advance we have longer to make this campaign the success it deserves to be.  We invent for you.  If you help by contributing and donating to our Campaign we will make you Revolutionary Innovative Footwear and continue to do so.  We urgently need your help, you can help by contributing and donating to our Indiegogo Campaign.


19/11/14 - NEW $1 MILLION DOLLAR PERK ADDED, HOPE IT'S A RECORD BREAKER! Take a look at our Special Offers page on this Website and go to our Indiegogo Campaign by following this link!

20/11/14 - Building Network of Followers, thank you everyone for the amazing response so far.

21/11/14 - Keep up the great work everyone, keep following me on Twitter, keep liking us, and sharing us, and spread the word to as many people as you can, we really need your support to get us up and running.

22/11/14 - The Twitter response has been fantastic, our followers are now over 350!  I find my emails have pages of people everyday that are new followers, keep it up everyone, thanks so much from all the team.  We need to catch up on Facebook too, so everyone on Facebook you have rivals at Twitter, come on we need you all too!

23/11/14 - We urgently require Feedback Good and Negative, but keep it decent please, nothing offensive! Please leave comments so we can fine tune what we are doing to get it right for all of you and keep you all happy.

24/11/14 - Doing the most amazing Business Course at the moment at the fantastic Aspire Centre In Slough, a centre of business excellence.  You can find them on Twitter, they have some great courses, why not enrol? The course is exactly what i need to move things along faster and the knowledge i am gaining is invaluable.  Thank you to everyone at Aspire in Slough.

24/11/14 - NEW PERK ADDED! AS OF TODAY. HELP FEED STARVING AND HOMELESS PEOPLE IN UK.  See Perk on our Indiegogo Campaign for more details.  You could help save lives, and make a difference.  All proceeds from this Perk will only be used for this Perk, we will keep you updated.

25/11/14 - Thank you everyone for your support on Social Media, lots of follows and retweets etc, you are a really great bunch of people.

26/11/14 - Reviewing whole campaign to see where i can make improvements, any feedback would be greatly appreciated, important to have both positive and negative.

27/11/14 - All of the Team really appreciate your likes and lovely feedback, keep it up!

28/11/14 - Hi all, I made a mistake and for this i am so sorry.

IMPORTANT announcement, due to currency variations, regarding purchases, please pay via my Indiegogo Campaign by using this link.

I realised that i forgot to take into account currency variations and so I can only apologise profusely for my mistake.  To rectify this, it is best if all payments are made via Indiegogo Campaign.  I am so sorry for my error.

Products will reappear shortly on this Website whilst i sort this out, my apologies, in a few hours.

28/11/14 - BREAKING NEWS.......

FANTASTIC NEWS! We have just sold our first pair of Super Early Bird Limited Edition M.A.T.T. Stamped No.1.  Our early Adopter and in my opinion future influencer is called Patrick and he was happy to go Public.  He has spread the word, Retweeted, and helped us get the ball rolling.  Today is the day we work towards making M.A.T.T. and all of the Team would like to thank Patrick for being our No.1 Customer.  Thank you for your support. :)

29/11/14 - Products are now back on Special Offer Page. Technical problem with Super Early Bird Limited Edition M.A.T.T. which is not showing, will sort this out asap.  You can Purchase this by clicking on the Indiegogo Box and Choosing the Featured Perk.  We would recommend Multi Perk as this will enhance your enjoyment, dont forget to add shipping where it applies.  Our apologies for the technical problem.

29/11/14 - I am a great believer in she who dares wins.  I like to think outside the box. Stand out amongst the Crowd.  Create never done before Perks.  As of today, see below, Perk will be deleted on time and date stated on Perk.  Visit our Indiegogo Campaign on this link to see the Perk and all our other Perks which i promise you will cost less!

NEW $15 MILLION DOLLAR TIMED PERK on a 7 DAY ONLY Timer, then its gone!  Could be a first for both, the Incredibly high price, and possibly the first ever Perk on a 7 day timer?  Could either of these be a new Indiegogo Record? Terms and Conditions apply, before paying for Perk, email me first, to make sure what you want is acceptable to me and vice versa so we can proceed forward.  I have a right to decline as do you.  If we both agree Legal will sort out Paperwork, once all signed no refund given.  My Inventions cover many different areas, so I am flexible on what I can invent for you.  This should be interesting.  Will anyone buy this Perk?  Wait and See.  7 DAYS TIMER and then IT WILL BE DELETED at time and date I have stated on Perk. CLOCKS TICKING! TICK TOCK..........